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Anonymous — Whats your dream job? Dream city to live in? Do you want kids?

i kinda really want to be a falconer, cause birds, but you can’t actually fly falcons here cause they’re endangered

just a big city would be nice, don’t really care where


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Anonymous — Are you ace? Do you drink? Fave playground thing?

wow, questions, didn’t actually expect any

1. Yes

2. sure

3. playground thing? spinny things?

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Steve finding out some people use queer instead of gay to talk about the LGBTQAII community. 

Steve using queer in a conversation with Sam or Tasha or Pepper or something.

Steve getting told that straight cis folks aren’t supposed to use queer.

Steve saying ‘Yes. I know.’

And that, my friends, is how Steve Rogers came out as bisexual. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


The only way I like this more is if it happens on live television.

The media would say something like ‘Captain America Comes Out as Gay’ though.

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We always talk about the downside of [fandom] because that’s the more colourful thing to talk about. There are many more fans out there whose response to wishing for creative control is to make up their own stories. And to make up their own ideas, and to make beautiful drawings, and scripts of their own. There is the slash fiction - and why not? What’s wrong with porn? It’s made many people in this room happy; it’s a vessel of human happiness, why should we object to it? It’s a creative response to something! That’s brilliant and wonderful and heartening and exciting when that happens. Because that’s how people start being writers. It is. You start being a writer by imitating other writers. Mark and I never stopped!…That is a hugely positive thing and yes, of course, somewhere in amongst that there is the clinically insane, but we can’t allow that to dominate the conversation.
— Steven Moffat on fans and fanfiction at Sherlock: Anatomy of a Hit [x] (via thecutteralicia)
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pacific rim: a summer blockbuster in which empathy is more important than physical brawn, in which defending the lives of innocent civilians is more important than a demonstration of military might, in which a woman of color is given a complex arc and backstory, and in which a scientist with a disability helps save the world.

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